The location of the Mayer Business Quarter is unique – it is surrounded by the dynamism of the city centre and peacefulness of a suburb. This is the meeting point of the vivacious city centre, calm, leafy settlements and stony dormitory suburbs.                                            

There is no need to fight your way through traffic jams to get here or to waste time needlessly to find a parking space; from here you can get home, to a meeting or to the store quickly.

Come to the Mayer Business Quarter

By bus
25-75 meters from a bus stop

By trolleybus
75 meters from a trolleybus stop

By train
A 20-minute walk from the Baltic Station, where you can also take a trolleybus to the Quarter. The Lilleküla Station is a 20-minute walk away, too.

By car
8 minutes from Viru Square or from the passenger port, 15 minutes from the airport

By foot
12 minutes from the Kristiine Centre, 15 minutes from Toompea or 20 minutes from the Baltic Station